Matmid Frequent Flyer Program #1

(There is so much to say about Matmid, ELALs frequent flyer program that I can’t possible say everything in one post. I have decided to break this topic up into several posts and will be put up at various times mixed in with other articles and posts.)

Joining Matmid

You can join the Matmid program online by clicking here. WHen you join you will be given 30 “free” points (unlike most other airlines that work on a mileage system ELAL Matmid works on points). I say free in quotes because if you would like the honor of enrolling in  Matmid it will cost you $25 ($30 if you sign up over the phone)!!! I can’t understand how ELAL gets away with this – I checked the 3 other competing airlines that fly the US-Israel route, DeltaContinental, and US Air and guess what- they are all free!!!

It amazing that elal gets away with this and has the nerve to charge for joining Matmid which as you will see is really a sub-par rewards program.

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